Eventree Overseas: Envision Festival 2017

Eventree has been used at hundreds of events up and down the UK and is set to have it's busiest year yet, including a trip over to Envision Festival in Costa Rica.

Envision is a celebration dedicated to awakening human potential, it provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and nature.

Eventree will be used by the Envision team to accredit crew, manage and distribute resources and sort out meals amongst other things. As well as being our first overseas event, they'll also be using RFID technology on their wristbands. RFID is an exciting technology that allows for data to be transferred from wristbands without being scanned. This opens up the potential for getting customers into events much quicker, cashless bars, tracking the flow of customers at an event, better security and that's just touching the surface of what it can do.

We're really looking forward to working with RFID and coming up with new, innovative ways of using it to aid event organisers. We're used to kicking off festival season much later on in the year, Envision however marks the start of festival season when it kicks off on 23rd February.