Beats from the East Festival: 10/07/2021 (Cambridgeshire)

A one day mini-festival special, Beats from the East are showcasing some of East Anglia’s finest promotions and DJ’s. Three stages of dance set in a beautiful meadow on the outskirts of Cambridge, this is a dance experience that will leave you counting down the days until the next event. If you’re already counting down and need something to look forward to post-2020, cop your tickets here.

Nozstock the Hidden Valley: 22/07 - 25/07/2021 (Herefordshire)

Nozstock is a curious amalgamation of performance, art, electronic super sounds and good old-fashioned guitar strumming and drum-bashing across nine stages for three glorious mid-summer days. Although growing by the year, Nozstock remains an intimate home-grown festival perfect for living out your summer with your nearest and dearest. Tickets, of course, on sale here.

Sunflowerfest 2021: 23/07 - 25/07/2021 (Hillsborough)

A three day festival filled with music, art and camping, Sunflowerfest is a friendly, all inclusive, broad-minded weekend festival. Think nurtured mind, body and soul through a wide range of music, both local and international acts, fantastic fun and free activities for the whole family. Tickets? We’ve got you covered, here.

Solihull Summer Fest: 24/07 - 25/07/2021 (Solihull)

With huge artists already confirmed, SSF returns for it’s 5th year (almost running, thanks 2020) with a diverse mix of genres across the weekend. The line-up so far invites Kool & the Gang, Shalamar, The Brand New Heavies, Tony Hadley and Belinda Carlisle. A perfect family event just outside of Birmingham, tickets can be bought via our website, here.

Green Gathering: 29/07 - 01/08/2021 (Chepstow)

Music, dancing, art, relaxation, silliness, and joy. Green Gathering allows you to share wisdom and skills; find friends old and new; weave, weld and tell stories in true festival spirit. For four days of low impact living in an area of outstanding beauty, head to the Green Gathering event page, here.  

Deer Shed Festival: 30/07 - 02/08/2021 (West Yorkshire)

With a different theme every year, Deer Shed is the family run by and for families. What sets them aside, though, is the accessibility of the whole site, for the whole family. No kids areas and no adult areas, just a free reign for all ages few and far between. The theme this year? Incognito. The tickets for this year? Here.

Harlequin Fayre: 06/08 - 08/08/2021 (Norfolk)

A small but vibrant festival situated in the heart of Norfolk, Harlequin Fayre boasts a diverse, family-friendly atmosphere with great music, workshops, healing tents, Kids area and a whole bucket load more! Tickets on sale for 2021 over on their event page, here.

Boomtown Fair: 11/08 - 15/08/2021 (Winchester)

Boomtown is, at its heart, a living theatre with an ongoing narrative, but with 2020 being a write off they’re starting afresh with a world of new wonders - Chapter One: The Gathering. Actors and characters will flood the streets more than ever before, with huge parades weaving their way through the districts and sound systems on every corner. Intrigued? Us, too. Do that thing.

Lakefest: 12/08 - 15/08/2021 (Herefordshire)

Coming in hot with its ninth year, Lakefest, set at the majestic setting of Eastnor Castle Deer Park, is a family-friendly weekend packed with music, entertainment, and nothing but pure good vibes. We promise a festival not to be forgotten! Tickets on sale via Lakefest’s event page on our website, here.

Just So Festival: 20/08 - 22/08/2021 (Cheshire)

An annual, intimate, weekend-long festival exaggerating an imaginative outdoor family adventure like no other. With a love of stories and childhood escapades at heart, Just So Festival enables families to step out of their day to day lives and into a wonderland of world class literature, arts, theatre, dance, music, comedy and creative pursuits together. Cop your tickets by following this link.

Medicine Festival: 19/08 - 23/08/2021 (Wasing)

Medicine invites you to come together to share the power of music and ceremony, the coherence and insights of ancestral wisdom, alongside solutions of modern technology and culture; the nourishment of food; the joy of laughter and celebration; and the inspiration of visionary thought. To find out how we can be the medicine to the regeneration of people and planet, order your tickets here.

TribFest: 20/08 - 22/08/2021 (East Yorkshire)

Launched in 2007, Tribfest has since won the ‘Best Entertainment/Leisure Venue 2018 - 2020’ in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Best Bar None Awards and are consistently recognised in local and national awards including categories along the lines of Best Small Festival, Best Family Festival, Best Toilets and Best Grass Roots Festival. Looking for the perfect festival to relax with friends with great music and comedy across 7 stages? Look no further.

GT Malverns Classic: 27/08 - 29/08/2021 (Ledbury)

The iconic venue that is Eastnor Deer Park will host several thousand visitors a day in August 2021 for the largest and most diverse MTB festival of the year. A packed weekend of challenging and exciting events including flat-out racing across all disciplines, get your tickets booked here for the biggest party in British mountain biking.

Lindisfarne: 02/09 - 05/09/2021 (Northumberland)

The ultimate end-of-summer party festival returns for its 6th year of music, magic and mayhem on the spectacular Northumberland coast. Less than an hour away from Edinburgh & Newcastle, but a world away from reality, Lindisfarne provides a hedonistic weekend of escapism, with hundreds of acts over 8 unique stages. Get ready for a genre-hopping mishmash of must-see performances and reserve your tickets now.

Illusive: 03/09 - 05/09/2021 (Northamptonshire)

Forged in the fields and underground clubs of the UK and Europe, Illusive has one simple aim; to bring as much enjoyment to the people as possible for the smallest of costs. Uniting crews and sound systems from across the underground scene, Illusive strives to give you a true escape from reality. 3 days, 6 musical arenas, tickets on sale here.

Into the Trees: 10/09 - 12/09/2021 (East Sussex)

Working to fill the time-spent-in-nature hole in our lives, Into the Trees returns in 2021 to take you on a fascinating journey through one of the South East’s most unique landscapes. A rare chance to relax and actively explore our natural surroundings with our families? Don’t mind if we diddly-do!

Tokyo World: 18/09 - 19/09/2021 (Bristol)

Preparing for its biggest weekend yet, Tokyo World is coming in all guns blaring for 2021 with a history for curating monumental line-ups of urban and dance music in Bristol’s Eastville Park. One of Bristol’s most popular festivals, Tokyo World is the perfect closing to 2021’s festival season, with afterparties each night in the city centre. Go out of Summer 2021 with a banger here.