“At the moment it feels like everybody needs a plan A, B, C and D. It’s that ability to adapt, to be flexible, and develop software that’s going to be critical when taking in these new requirements.
“This is where being a smaller technology based company is really helpful because, as these requirements are coming in, we are able to adapt our systems and adjust. Everything at the moment is very fluid.” - Mo Jones, Co-Founder of TicketSellers & Eventree

In front of a panel of leading experts, Chris Barrett, the editor of Access All Areas Magazine, decided to ask some of the important questions that are running through all event professionals' minds in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent halt inflicted on the industry. The theme? Ticketing and festival specialists.

How might the possibility of onsite testing work for the 2021 festival season? How does this coincide with the capacity limitations of these events? Is there a way to add NHS COVID testing codes into management systems such as Eventree and cross-check this against customer tickets? Where does ticketing technology come into play, and the possibility of vaccination passports?

These form just some of the messages that our very own director and co-founder, Mo Jones, was asked to deliberate upon throughout the Access Live Webinar, which we were invited to contribute to in December of last year.

It didn’t take long for the other webinar contributors to recognise TicketSellers and Eventree’s monumental impact on the industry, with General Secretary of The Association of Festival Organisers, Steve Heap, outlining “what gives me heart for the 2021 season is listening to Mo Jones telling us that it’s all going to be great.”

Curious as to what fuelled Steve’s optimism? Watch the full webinar over on YouTube, here.