We we proud to work with Envision Festival last month for crew accreditation and meal redemption. This marked two firsts for Eventree:

Our first international event

Envision Festival takes place in Costa Rica, just a short walk from the beach but a long way from home. Eventree worked flawlessly which was especially pleasing given that we supported the entire event from our offices in Birmingham. In order to keep costs down, and so confident are we in Eventree’s ease of use that we don’t routinely send staff to support the system (unless clients specifically request it).

Our first event using RFID for meal redemption.

Unlike standard meal redemption systems, Eventree’s accreditation module sits at the heart of the event. It’s not just an add-on, it’s an essential part of running a successful event. Because all crew details are already in the system you don’t need to print wasteful meal stubs in order for people to collect their meals. Everyone can simply scan their wristband to validate their meal. Envision asked if we could support RFID wristbands for meal redemption to which the answer was a resounding YES!


Envision were so pleased with Eventree one of their directors said this:

“Discovering Eventree has been one of the high points of my production career and it has quickly asserted itself as one of the most valuable tools in my arsenal. Part of the power of Eventree is that it is simple and designed to do what it does well. If you have people that you need to keep track of for your event, and especially if you need to provide them with various credentials and meals, you’re going to want to use this. As for me, I won’t work another event without Eventree.”