When you need to recruit a huge number of eager beavers to volunteer at your event, litter picking, stewarding or working on the gates, you need a system that's simple and straightforward, maximising every opportunity to sign someone up.

My Cause are renowned throughout festival land for providing first class volunteers at events, so when they turned to TheTicketSellers to see if we could help, we were delighted.

Adapting the eventree process slightly, applicants now fill in a form giving vital information together with added extras, like being able to list friends you'd like to work with and jobs you'd rather do. Once paid, your application is reviewed and your crew tickets sent for quick and secure processing at the gate. Know anyone who would love to be involved with one of the UK's best festivals? If so, send them to the Boomtown Website.

This is just one of the clever ways eventree's application system is helping events spend less time on admin and engage more people.

David Nash