Can I change the dates of my payments?
No unfortunately not, the payment dates are set automatically and cannot be changed.

My payment has failed, can I restart monthly payments again?
Regardless of the reason your payment failed, we cannot reinstate instalment plans, simply because of the way the payments are set up with our merchant bank.

I can’t pay within the 14 days, can I pay the rest at a later date?
Initially instalment plans only gave you 7 days to pay off the balance of your ticket, however this has now been increased to 14 days, we are unable to offer any further extensions on this, regardless of the situation, this is as per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to at the point of purchase.

I need to update my card details before the first instalment comes out, how do I do this?
In order to update your card details, you will need to log in to your customer account here and click the button as shown below, followed by the appropriate order.

I have an instalment ticket but can no longer attend, can I get a refund?We are able to cancel any future payments from being taken, however this would result in you losing any funds paid towards the tickets so far, as all tickets are non-refundable, as per our Terms and Conditions.

I have more than one instalment plan, and want to cancel some, but not all of them.
Unfortunately as instalment plans are fully automated, we are unable to cancel individual tickets, however you can cancel all of them (which would result in you losing any funds you have paid towards the tickets), and rebook the amount you require.  Alternatively, you can continue paying for the instalment plans you have, and once paid off you will be able to change the names on the tickets (a maximum of 2 times).

Why has my instalment plan failed?
Instalment plans can fail for a number of reasons, for example:
-Was there enough money on your card?
-Has the card registered on your account expired?
-Have you changed your card?
-Is the amount outside of your usual spending habits? (Sometimes your bank will block payments they think could be fraudulent or look unusual. In this case, you will need to contact your bank.)

My instalment plan has failed, what happens now?
You have 14 days to pay off your instalment plan in full. There is no way for us to reinstate your instalment plan. If the balance is not paid within 14 days, your ticket will become void and you will lose any funds you have already paid towards the ticket. To pay off your instalment ticket, you can log in to your customer account and do it online by logging into your customer account.

I have cancelled my instalment plan but I keep receiving emails.
The email you have received is automated, unfortunately even though you cancelled your instalment plan, we cannot stop these emails going out to you. You will receive an additional email again stating that the payment has failed, please ignore this and any future emails regarding the tickets, your tickets will automatically void after 14 days of the payment being due.

Can I pay off all of my instalment ticket at once?
Unfortunately not. Instalment plans have been scheduled as a automated monthly payment and there is no option to pay it off in full.