Way back in November, we worked with London-based production company Rumpus Productions to deliver the ticketing platform that would deliver for their popular events, which often sell out within minutes and have buyers waiting for the sale to launch.

We delivered a robust and effective platform that delivered against their brief. Top of the list of requirements was resilience, with many previous companies being unable to cope with the huge demand Rumpus’ ‘Creatures’ place on platforms upon launch and subsequently crashing under load.

Other functionality included being able to run pre-sale to members, being self-sufficient in terms of the listing and inventory, and 24 hour support available, especially regarding the entry system and software used to check in customers.

The ticket sale process for the events is very specific, opening up a phased sale for the event’s ‘members’ ahead of the main sale, allowing them to buy either one or two tickets. This was achieved by using one-time links with date restrictions for purchase so it felt exclusive for the member, with the links only active for the agreed period prior to launch.

Caroline Doyle from Rumpus Productions said;

"Having worked with different ticketing agencies before, we really wanted to find one that could deliver against our brief and ensure our attendees also had a positive experience at point of sale. Credit goes to TheTicketSellers’ robust system.”