World renowned security expert Troy Hunt visit our offices last week to present a two day software security workshop.

We've talked about this before, but here's a recap as to how things went.

We turned our engineering department into a training centre:

Troy arrived and the workshop began:

Troy set a series of hacking challenges during the two days. Here you can see people exploring vulnerabilities in well known websites and identifying ways to protect against them:

He also demonstrated the cutely-named but very scary (from a security perspective) WiFi Pineapple:

After the two day workshop we headed off to Fusion, a quarterly tech meetup in Birmingham. Troy gave his final talk of the week to the audience of 150 techies, investors, testers and others:

Whilst our team enjoyed it, what did our guests think of the workshop?

One attendee said:

Highly informative, enjoyable, and fun. The hospitality was top notch and made a difference. Thanks guys.


Just awesome, great people, good fun, want to come back!

And finally:

It was great. Providing breakfast was a nice touch. Coffee is essential. Everyone was nice. Troy certainly knows his stuff.

Based on that I'm going to say it was a success!

Keep your eye on our Twitter feed for future workshops to be announced.