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Applications for Lambeth Country Show

We first met with Lambeth Country Show before Christmas, where we exchanged ideas about how they could streamline the process of collecting, sorting, and communicating with hundreds of applicants who come together to make this amazing 42-year old show what it is. eventree allows the organisers to have a central »

The most secure event ticketing solution in the world

Thanks everyone who got in touch following this April fools article below. We're glad you enjoyed the joke! As we all know, fraud is a big concern within the ticketing industry. At TheTicketSellers we have a number of measures in place to reduce fraud, and our R&D team »

Nothing stops us from working

We've got exciting news about our iPhone app, Box Office which has been updated today. Version 1.1, available now in the App Store now continues to work even when you lose internet connection. As long as the app has been online long enough to download the ticket data then »

How is your event selling?

How is your event selling? It's a question all event organisers need to ask themselves. You need to know at a glance if you're on track to sell enough tickets to make the event profitable, visualise the results of particular marketing campaigns and compare sales patterns to previous events. We've »

The Day the Earth Stood Still

or: The Profound Effect of the Life and Death of David Bowie. Living so close to where I work, I don’t have to rise from the depths of sleep till 8 o’clock. Society wakes up; people make their daily commute, take their children to school, and all the »

The easy way to manage meals

The fact is that when you're putting on a world-class event it takes a lot of hard work. On site there are lots of hungry mouths to feed, and making sure you're equipped to do this requires a lot of preparation in advance. There are lots of systems which claim »

Let's get giving

We have a little Christmas time tradition here at TheTicketSellers HQ and we'd like to share it with you. Like virtually every business in the UK we have a Christmas tree in our office. But underneath our tree you won't find traditional presents, or even "humorous" secret Santa »

Our culture

A lot of people have asked what it's like to work at TheTicketSellers. So we thought we'd write a bit about it to try and explain what makes it such a special place to be. The offices We've blogged about our offices before, but we think it's worth saying again. »

TTS Reviews: Holy Holy

'You're face . . . to face . . . with the man who sold the world.' So goes one of the many iconic lyrics from David Bowie's formative years. The words echo around the hollow room of the o2 Academy main stage, hanging in the air and full of the reverb that occurs during »

Our work is so rewarding

At TheTicketSellers we strongly believe that the work is its own reward. It's true. It's really rewarding working with so many great events all year round. Because everything we do is focused on giving people a fantastic experience, we love to see the sheer enjoyment and anticipation on people's faces »

TTS Plays: Best of the West (Midlands)

We here at TheTicketSellers are incredibly proud of the musical heritage that has permeated through our hometown over the last 50 years, from the heavy guitar riffs of Black Sabbath past, to the fresh beats of modern icon Hannah Wants. The sheer number of influential artists is both surprising and »