It seems like 1998 was a significant year in many ways – Google was created, the first Apple iMac came out, the Euro single currency was agreed, and of course, TheTicketSellers started in business!

In today’s competitive market, achieving 20 years in business is no mean feat and we’ve worked hard to ensure that each and every year the company has grown, and the service has progressed in line with technology trends to be the best ticketing agency we can - and we’re super proud of where we are today.

To celebrate our 20th year, we’ve earmarked a whopping £500,000 to invest in UK festivals and events looking for a new ticketing partner. If you run a ticketed event of any size and have not worked with us before, now is the time to get in touch!

Our ticket selling platform and support service rivals global companies, and our ‘On Sale to On Site’ service means you get so much more than just a ticketing platform. From consultation on all things tickets and gates planning, to a 24 hour UK based support for you and your customers and an experienced team on site to manage your box office and gates if required.

Our partners can also benefit from Eventree, our online platform that streamlines event organisation from crew and performer accreditation to meal planning, trader applications, document requests, volunteer recruitment and more. Built by our in-house development team and nurtured over many years, Eventree saves organisers time and hassle when delivering their event.

For more information on the investment and for an opportunity to benefit, get in touch with Mo, or Jimmy

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