We here at TheTicketSellers are incredibly proud of the musical heritage that has permeated through our hometown over the last 50 years, from the heavy guitar riffs of Black Sabbath past, to the fresh beats of modern icon Hannah Wants. The sheer number of influential artists is both surprising and staggering, and so cutting it down to the number below was a difficult task.

With that in mind, we present to you The Best Of The West (Midlands), a TTS rundown of some of the best music created in the West Midlands area. With contributions from across the company, you know that this playlist is going to have quality, variety, and, just maybe, the best track you never knew existed.

So sit back, listen, and enjoy this month’s selection - TTS Plays: Best of The West (Midlands)

Money - Peace

Both of the editors of this playlist (DJ & Sam) don't like Peace. At all. Unfortunately, other members of staff like them. Begrudgingly, here is Peace, with Money.

Cherry Oh Baby - UB40

UB40. Need we say any more?

No, but don't miss your opportunity watch them live at The Copper Rooms in Warwick this October.

Salt, Peppa and Spinderella - Johnny Foreigner

Moving from strength to strength, this pop-punk quartet have always had an edge to their music that keeps them fresh, exciting, and unpredictable. Salt, Pepper, and Spinderella is their strongest hit, combing those raw, contrasting vocal styles to brilliant effect.

Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Coming from the mind of guitar genius Tommy Lomi, Paranoid from Black Sabbath is the god-father of what we know as metal. Inspired riffs, heavy drums, and wailing, strong vocals have been the formula for the past 45 years since this track was released.

Thank F*ck I Ain't You - Bovine

Local hard rock heroes, Bovine have played a number of high profile gigs in the last few years, including Download Festival 2014. Tantalising riffs and some of the best drum work in the Midlands are shown off in this aggressive track from the quartet. Enjoy.

Rock And Roll - Led Zepplin

Nothing quite beats the hard rock legends at their finest; John Bonham’s effortless, powerful, and punctual drums drive this song forward, whilst Jimmy Page shreds the 6 string. The very definition of Rock and Roll.

Riverboat Song - Ocean Colour Scene
Though we've tried to have a mixture of well know songs and un-heard glories, when it comes to Ocean Colour Scene, there is no greater song to encapsulate the brilliance of this Mosely based troupe. A real modern masterpiece.

Ash Wednesday - Benjamin Yellowitz

Having recently played both the Hare & Hounds and the Sunflower Lounge, this up and comer has been all over Europe the past few years building a strong fan base. With his powerful lyrics and intricate guitar work, he's back home and kicking up a storm.

We'll Live And Die In These Towns - The Enemy

This band started off strong with an anthem that resonated with the disenfranchised youth of the working class. Sounds blue, but it's an uplifting riff blasts that out a strong message of unity.

Has It Come To This - The Streets

The debut release from Birmingham's pioneering Hip-hop and UK Garage's artist propelled him into the limelight, and for good reason. A strong rhythm, beautiful piano backing, and insightful, inspired lyrics from potentially the best wordsmith of his generation have made this track legendary.

Electrons (Sivey Remix) - Rynsa Man

Brum based Rynsa Man gets Sivey on remix duty and the outcome is well and truly spectacular.

This Is A Bad - Goldie

Walsall born Goldie has been electrifying the Jungle and Drum & Bass scene for years and continues to pioneer, innovate and dominate. This Is A Bad taken from his debut album, Timeless is one of his best.

Rhymes - Chris Lorenzo & Hannah Wants

Chris Lorenzo and Hannah Wants produced what is probably THE biggest house track of recent years and on it's release it was heard pretty much everywhere. Sounds suspiciously like that Daft Punk track, Technologic.

The Panel - Low Steppa

Low Steppa has been making waves absolutely everywhere, most notably a host of shows across the pond. A strong contender for one of the best house producers in the Midlands at the moment.

Til Tomorrow - Ten Story

One half of Ten Story also happens to be one of our Account Managers. When he's not looking after our biggest clients he's producing some rather catchy house musict, like Til Tomorrow.

Crying For No Reason (Tom Shorterz Remix) - Katy B

If it's house music and Birmingham based you can guarantee that Tom Shorterz has has something to do with it.