2018 marked the eighth year we’ve worked with Boomtown Fair to deliver what we feel is an ever-evolving ticketing platform. Boomtown grows and develops every year, which is one of the reasons we love working on it so much. 2018 was another corker – with 65,000 attendees, crew, artists and volunteers to register and welcome onto site.

Each year we work closely with the festival organisers to really understand what they need from their ticketing agency, so we can develop and shape our public ticketing service and our ‘backstage’ management tool, Eventree, to meet the changing needs of the festival.

In 2018, over 500 different ticket types and vehicle passes were built into the platforms – giving the organisers exceptional insight into public and crew numbers and pinpoint control over access to the event site from build to break. In addition, over 40,000 meal tickets were redeemed in 5 separate crew canteens.

This year, we also had the added challenge of a last-minute licence agreement passing in May, allowing the site to open a day early. We offered Thursday ticket holders the chance to upgrade to Wednesday, including switching any associated coach tickets – managing this process was a huge task but the end-to-end thinking again paid dividends with very little confusion at the gates, despite the complexity of ticket options.

A radically improved 2018 site plan involved TheTicketSellers’ hardware being used at 40 different entry gates and locations, including public entrances, crew and artist accreditation, volunteer registration, 5 crew canteens and even the shuttle bus pick up in Winchester.

It was a big job – and we loved every second of it….