We are delighted to announce the promotion of Gemma Hotchkiss to Head of Customer Care. In her new role Gemma will lead the customer care team in the delivery of exceptional service and rapid response, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to all customers and event organisers.

Whilst newly appointed to the position, Gemma has been a key member of TheTicketSellers’ team for 3 years and already has plans in motion to ensure her team are the most skilled in the industry. From a new staff training platform that will constantly upskill staff to meet the changing demands of the event industry through to new internal communications processes to streamline the delivery of key event information internally – Gemma and the team have lots in the pipeline.

Gemma explained:

“TheTicketSellers are a one of the UK's most trusted independent ticketing agents and the whole team are incredibly passionate about events. I am honoured that they have asked me to become the new Head of Customer Care. Running a 24hr customer care team is not without its challenges but our team are incredibly hardworking and dedicated and I am very excited about the future and what it brings.”

Client care involves getting the information and tone of response right, so TheTicketSellers’ 24-hour UK based support centre build FAQs for each event, which are used to respond accurately to customers, giving them and their associated clients exceptional service.

Gemma continued: “Our customer service team are in direct conversation with ticket buyers so are best placed to feed back customer comments and FAQs, which we can then use to inform organisers or streamline the ticket selling process if necessary. Through regular team discussions and analysing CRM data to inform processes, I will be constantly improving the customer’s experience.”