Well actually, check you in is exactly what we did to 50,000 eager Boomtown customers this summer. The festival were very keen for people to only bring in alcohol the first time they entered the festival, so once they had their wristband put on, our API polled the system and enabled the wristband (this meant that any stolen wristbands would not get access to the event). Our system then scanned all the customers onto site, differentiating between first entry and re-entry. A similar process was used for crew passing in and out providing a huge layer of extra security:

  • no stolen wristbands could be used to access the event
  • no wristbands could be carried out to friends
  • anyone re-entering the festival with alcohol could be stopped
  • the festival knew how many times anyone had been in / out and could limit that
  • RFID does the same thing but costs a lot more to install
Boomtown was epic this year and we take our hats off to everyone involved for pulling off a truly immense party. We can't wait until next year...