We love being helpful, and actually providing help to your customers (who are in fact also our customers) is what sets us apart from many other ticket agents or ticketing platforms. Rather than simply forwarding an email to the event organisers we have a 24hr UK-based call centre where you can chat to one of our advisors at any time.

In order to provide the best possible service to your customers we've invested in some new and magical technology to reduce response times and get customers the information they need even faster.

  1. We've expanded our customer service team to make sure there's always someone available to take your call.

  2. We've upgraded our customer service management platform following a recent successful trial of a new product.

  3. We're partnering with Twilio to provide an intelligent call answering service which proactively gives customers information based on their recent orders.

Since introducing these changes we've seen a huge reduction in response time, an increase in customer satisfaction and our team feel more empowered than ever to help your customers.