We're really pleased with the way 2018 has begun. We've added 3 major brands to our ever-growing list of clients. More importantly, to make sure that all our clients are given plenty of care and attention we've added a new account manager to our team because the current team was complaining that they had to be nice all the time.

Jenny Duffin joins us with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked at various festivals & events over the past 7 years. She's worked closely with clients from concept to build, and has everything that is required to look after our clients and their different requests.

Jenny is completing her induction at the moment then she'll be let loose on some clients, proactively supporting them to ensure their ticket sales and event planning are going smoothly. Watch out - you might be one of the clients lucky enough to get Jenny.

She also can't wait to get to some festivals in the summer (the sign of someone who's never worked a 16 hour shift in the mud) and help us do what we do best: giving outstanding on-site support to our clients when their event is taking place.

Why work with TheTicketSellers?

  1. We're not just a self-service ticketing platform. We're a full-service ticket agent who will do much more to support you and your customers than simply forwarding on emails.

  2. By selling tickets with us you get free access to the full Eventree suite of event management tools

  3. We'll make sure you get as much support at your event as you need, whether that's sending staff, equipment or simply being at the end of the phone when you need some advice.

Want to join our team? Check our list of vacancies here.