We're proud of the TTS Crew system - and with good reason. Some of the best and brightest festivals in the UK (including Boomtown, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Port Elliot Festival, Bearded Theory and Birmingham Pride) use it to manage staff at their events. We make no apology for the very specific nature of this post which will mostly appeal to people involved with organising festivals.

One aspect that clients particularly benefit from is the principle of delegated responsibility whereby a group leader is given the responsibility - and freedom - to allocate tickets, meals, and resources to staff within their group. So now if you agree a band can have 10 tickets, you only need to know the group leader details and they can do the work, distributing tickets to the other 9 people, saving you time and hassle.

Whilst this powerful feature has always been present within the system we're really excited about the new user interface our talented engineers and UX experts have put together.

During our meetings with clients over the last few months we've noticed how much of the world is run on spreadsheets. We've listened to your feedback and are proud to introduce the simplified group leader view.

When you log in as a group leader you'll be taken to this automatically and you'll probably notice that it looks pretty much like a spreadsheet. That's deliberate. We know you're at home in Excel, Google Docs, Numbers or whatever your spreadsheet of choice is, so we've built an interface you'll adapt to instantly.

Simply type, copy & paste or input your group details into the grid via the power of your mind. We'll take care of the complicated stuff behind the scenes leaving you free to decide who you need working for you, how many - and what type of - tickets they need, and how often you're going to feed them.

You can always switch back to the old page if you want to relive the past, but we think you'll be much happier in this view and we're confident that setting up your group will take a fraction of the time it used to.

If you're working at one of the many festivals we'll be at over the summer then we look forward to seeing you there, and look forward to hearing your feedback on our latest development.