Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat...whatever your social networking/messaging platform of choice is, one thing is certain - the audience is what matters.

There's little point broadcasting to an empty audience (unless it's a very niche performance art project), much like there's no point in our clients holding their wonderful events if our lovely customers aren't going to go. So, whether it's filling a nightclub, a comedy venue or building your online audience, we're here to help.

Our latest addition to your promoter toolkit is the Facebook Custom Audience feature.

What's this? We're glad you asked. Put simply, it's a way to show adverts to very targeted groups of people.

For example, you could show an advert to people on Facebook who looked at your event on our website but didn't buy a ticket. Or you could show an advert to people on Facebook who bought tickets for your last event and haven't bought tickets for your next event.

The possibilities are endless, and it all starts here. Please contact your account manager or give us a call on 0121 472 6688 to explore this further.

We look forward to building your audience with you.