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Here to help

With usage of Eventree at an all time high this summer we thought it was time we put a better mechanism in place to help all our clients.

Up until now you've been emailing various team members directly with questions, feature requests, ideas etc. This is fine, and we love hearing from you, but sometimes you might contact someone who's

Removing groups from Eventree

Did you know you can remove a group from eventree in just 3 clicks?

First go to the parent section of the group (i.e. the section containing the group you want to delete):

Then do this:

Click 1 - click on the drop down menu next to the group:

Click 2 - click on delete:

Click 3 - confirm

Who's buying for your event?

Do you want to know who's bought tickets for your event? Perhaps you want to email them all and you need a list of email addresses. Or maybe you're just curious.

Luckily for you it's really easy to get a list of everyone who has bought a ticket to your event.

1) Log into our website using your promoter account

Sales data in your pocket

When you're planning an event there's a lot going on. A lot of different things need your attention. You haven't always got time to check on everything - you just need the important facts at your fingertips.

Starting right now, the latest version of Box Office puts vital sales stats for your event in your pocket, where you can check

Make your customers feel extra special

Everyone likes a bargain and event organisers are constantly seeking new ways to engage with their audience, so the wonderful tech team at TTS have come up with a new tool that does both.


Offering customers a discount by inserting a promo code in a box is nothing new, but the downside is that the code can easily be shared

Applications for Lambeth Country Show

We first met with Lambeth Country Show before Christmas, where we exchanged ideas about how they could streamline the process of collecting, sorting, and communicating with hundreds of applicants who come together to make this amazing 42-year old show what it is.


eventree allows the organisers to have a central place to receive applications, allow documents to be viewed and

Your event, your website, your tickets

Want to include a ticket listing on your own website?

Here's how you do it.

1) Log into your promoter control panel and click on your event

2) At the top of the page just underneath your event details you'll see a link to your event on our website. Just underneath that you'll see 'Embed your ticket listing'

Control panel

3) Click

We've got something noteworthy to say

So, you know our amazing new sales charts that we announced last week? Loads of event organisers have been in touch to say how useful they are. Thank you for your feedback. We agree! They are very useful.

We've got some really exciting new sales related features coming soon, but we thought we'd release another new feature on this sunny

Nothing stops us from working

We've got exciting news about our iPhone app, Box Office which has been updated today.

Version 1.1, available now in the App Store now continues to work even when you lose internet connection. As long as the app has been online long enough to download the ticket data then you can continue to check people into your event even

How is your event selling?

How is your event selling? It's a question all event organisers need to ask themselves. You need to know at a glance if you're on track to sell enough tickets to make the event profitable, visualise the results of particular marketing campaigns and compare sales patterns to previous events.

We've recently launched two amazing new ways of viewing your event

The easy way to manage meals

The fact is that when you're putting on a world-class event it takes a lot of hard work. On site there are lots of hungry mouths to feed, and making sure you're equipped to do this requires a lot of preparation in advance.

There are lots of systems which claim to make managing crew meals easier, but we believe eventree


We're always looking to offer new features which benefit customers and promoters alike and this autumn we've delivered another cracking addition to our website.

We've already built two great ways to spread the cost of paying for tickets:

1) Deposit and balance - the customer pays an initial deposit of a fixed amount and has a certain amount of time

Feeding the masses

How do you feed 5000 people three times a day on a festival site? How do you cater for 40,000 covers over ten days without completely losing your mind? How do you make sure you're feeding the right people - and only the right people - when there's a queue of hungry crew lining up for breakfast?

The answer

Passout perfection

During discussions when planning events it's easy to focus on getting people in to the event in the first place. Reducing queuing times whilst still providing adequate security checks is a challenge which isn't going to go away any time soon.

But for another challenge, namely how to control the flow of customers out of - and back into -

What's app?

We're super excited about our new app which is due for release in September 2015. We don't want to say too much about it yet, but we do want your feedback to make it even more amazing.

If you're running an event in August 2015 which meets the following criteria:

  • At least 200 attendees
  • Based in Birmingham
  • Tickets are sold

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

One of the sad truths of our modern society (at least here in the UK) is that every year we all seem to be a little bit worse off, financially speaking. Whether it's paying slightly more tax on things, or paying tax on more things, the money we earn has a way of disappearing slightly faster than it used to.

We've redorated, now it's your turn

A while ago we were delighted to show our rebranded website - and rightly so, as the new branding has brought our brand identity to the level we've always aspired to be.

Now, it's our turn to help you improve the way your events are presented to the ticket buying public.

You know what our event pages look like: grey

It's like we're giving things away

If you're running a free event you still might want to register attendees. There are many reasons to do this, including limiting numbers (i.e. to ensure that you don't exceed capacity for the event), getting commitment from attendees in advance (to help you plan catering etc) and to gather attendee data for future marketing.

We've spoken to a few

We hate to boast, but ...

We're sorry to talk about ourselves again, but, well it's our blog, and also it's something good for our clients too.

You may have noticed us popping up all over the internet recently? No? Well, you're about to. After evaluating many different options we've partnered with an advertising network that we believes shares our philosophy about advertising.

So if you're

Passbook part 1 - where is it?

Here's part one of our rough guide to using Passbook on your iPhone. We'll cover Android later so that no-one feels left out. (BlackBerry and Windows Mobile - really? Do you need to ask?)

Although Passbook has been around for a couple of years now, if you're anything like me it's one of those apps you shove into a folder

Know your audience

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat...whatever your social networking/messaging platform of choice is, one thing is certain - the audience is what matters.

There's little point broadcasting to an empty audience (unless it's a very niche performance art project), much like there's no point in our clients holding their wonderful events if our lovely customers aren't going to go. So,