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Getting the most out of your promotions and discounted tickets

December is always a very busy month in the ticket industry for ticket agents and promoters alike. With tickets being purchased for events taking place over the festive period and lots of lucky people getting event tickets for Christmas, we know it's important to get the most out of your »

Here to help

With usage of Eventree at an all time high this summer we thought it was time we put a better mechanism in place to help all our clients. Up until now you've been emailing various team members directly with questions, feature requests, ideas etc. This is fine, and we love »

Removing groups from Eventree

Did you know you can remove a group from eventree in just 3 clicks? First go to the parent section of the group (i.e. the section containing the group you want to delete): Then do this: Click 1 - click on the drop down menu next to the group: »

Who's buying for your event?

Do you want to know who's bought tickets for your event? Perhaps you want to email them all and you need a list of email addresses. Or maybe you're just curious. Luckily for you it's really easy to get a list of everyone who has bought a ticket to your »

Sales data in your pocket

When you're planning an event there's a lot going on. A lot of different things need your attention. You haven't always got time to check on everything - you just need the important facts at your fingertips. Starting right now, the latest version of Box Office puts vital sales stats »

Make your customers feel extra special

Everyone likes a bargain and event organisers are constantly seeking new ways to engage with their audience, so the wonderful tech team at TTS have come up with a new tool that does both. Offering customers a discount by inserting a promo code in a box is nothing new, but »

Applications for Lambeth Country Show

We first met with Lambeth Country Show before Christmas, where we exchanged ideas about how they could streamline the process of collecting, sorting, and communicating with hundreds of applicants who come together to make this amazing 42-year old show what it is. eventree allows the organisers to have a central »

Your event, your website, your tickets

Want to include a ticket listing on your own website? Here's how you do it. Log into your promoter control panel and click on your event At the top of the page just underneath your event details you'll see a link to your event on our website. Just underneath that »

We've got something noteworthy to say

So, you know our amazing new sales charts that we announced last week? Loads of event organisers have been in touch to say how useful they are. Thank you for your feedback. We agree! They are very useful. We've got some really exciting new sales related features coming soon, but »

Nothing stops us from working

We've got exciting news about our iPhone app, Box Office which has been updated today. Version 1.1, available now in the App Store now continues to work even when you lose internet connection. As long as the app has been online long enough to download the ticket data then »

How is your event selling?

How is your event selling? It's a question all event organisers need to ask themselves. You need to know at a glance if you're on track to sell enough tickets to make the event profitable, visualise the results of particular marketing campaigns and compare sales patterns to previous events. We've »