With usage of Eventree at an all time high this summer we thought it was time we put a better mechanism in place to help all our clients.

Up until now you've been emailing various team members directly with questions, feature requests, ideas etc. This is fine, and we love hearing from you, but sometimes you might contact someone who's really busy and they don't get chance to reply. Or perhaps they're on annual leave and you have to wait for them to get back to reply.

Not any more.

Starting right now you can email support@theticketsellers.co.uk with any questions relating to eventree.

This account is monitored by a group of people who are dedicated to getting you the support you need as quickly as possible. They're all based in our Birmingham office so they have direct access to key members of staff if they need to escalate your enquiry.

We'll reply back through the same account so you can just keep the conversation going by replying to our emails.

We promise you'll get the same level of support that you're used to. It's just a little bit more organised now. Which is a good thing as we're sure you'll agree.

Please note that this account is for our clients to use when they need a bit of help. It's not intended to be used by crew, contractors and artists who are being accredited through eventree. These people need to contact the person who gave them a ticket to get any queries resolved.