So, you know our amazing new sales charts that we announced last week? Loads of event organisers have been in touch to say how useful they are. Thank you for your feedback. We agree! They are very useful.

We've got some really exciting new sales related features coming soon, but we thought we'd release another new feature on this sunny Monday afternoon.

When you're viewing your event sales, like so:

Sales notes 1

You can now right click any of the days in the chart to bring up a menu, like this:

Sales notes 2

Click on 'Add a note' and enter a note describing what happened on this day. It might be that you had a big Facebook campaign which is why you had a sudden spike in sales. The note appears as a green mark on the chart:

Sales notes 3

Anyone else who views the chart can see your note, so you can share information with your team (and vice-versa) directly on the sales chart in our website. No more exporting to Excel and making your own charts!

Finally, if you want to remove the note you can do so by right clicking the day it's on and selecting 'Delete this note':

Sales notes 4

The content of notes is displayed when you hover over the day they're attached to, so they don't get in the way of viewing the chart. If you want to toggle notes on/off completely there's a button in the top right of the chart which lets you do this.

If you add notes as you go through the year, next year you can refer back to these when you overlay your sales from the previous year. This will help you to remember campaigns which did particularly well, as well as those which perhaps didn't do as well.

We're confident this addition to our site will help you understand and document your sales trends in even more detail, which in turn will help you plan future sales campaigns even more effectively.