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Your event, your website, your tickets

Want to include a ticket listing on your own website?

Here's how you do it.

1) Log into your promoter control panel and click on your event

2) At the top of the page just underneath your event details you'll see a link to your event on our website. Just underneath that you'll see 'Embed your ticket listing'

Control panel

3) Click

We've got something noteworthy to say

So, you know our amazing new sales charts that we announced last week? Loads of event organisers have been in touch to say how useful they are. Thank you for your feedback. We agree! They are very useful.

We've got some really exciting new sales related features coming soon, but we thought we'd release another new feature on this sunny

How is your event selling?

How is your event selling? It's a question all event organisers need to ask themselves. You need to know at a glance if you're on track to sell enough tickets to make the event profitable, visualise the results of particular marketing campaigns and compare sales patterns to previous events.

We've recently launched two amazing new ways of viewing your event

It's like we're giving things away

If you're running a free event you still might want to register attendees. There are many reasons to do this, including limiting numbers (i.e. to ensure that you don't exceed capacity for the event), getting commitment from attendees in advance (to help you plan catering etc) and to gather attendee data for future marketing.

We've spoken to a few

Know your audience

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat...whatever your social networking/messaging platform of choice is, one thing is certain - the audience is what matters.

There's little point broadcasting to an empty audience (unless it's a very niche performance art project), much like there's no point in our clients holding their wonderful events if our lovely customers aren't going to go. So,