Recently, we spoke to some of our existing clients to get an idea of what we have been doing right and what their most pressing needs are in a time of COVID-19 and industry uncertainty. We have identified 6 areas in which festival ticketing differs from other types of event ticketing: almost like a little cheat code, if you will. By solving problems or adding value in these areas, we provide the leading ticketing platform for festivals.

It’s Complicated (Sadly, not the 2009 masterpiece starring international treasure Meryl Streep).

The main thing that sets festival ticketing aside from other events is mostly that it is just a lot more confusing. Different tiers, arrival points, age brackets, and countless other differentiating ticket types can be a lot for customers to process all at one glance on an event page - so how can we help with this to ensure efficient and maximum sales?

Our ticket platform offers a few solutions to make life a bit easier for you and your customers, including the implementation of ticket rules. This is particularly useful for any adult vs child/teenager rules you may need to enforce, meaning customers can only purchase a certain number of under 18s tickets if they have either already have an adult ticket on their account, or if they are ordering them together.

Similarly, if you offer discounted tickets for local residents, competition winners, or for any other reason, you can also offer promotional discount codes assigned to tickets. This makes things much simpler (and quicker) than creating a whole new ticket for each discount, and simply shows the discounted price upon entering the code. If you want to limit the number of tickets purchased with the code, you can simply deactivate the discount as and when you please.

If the different ticket-types weren’t confusing enough - how do you deal with the infinite number of reports needed? Each stakeholder involved in your event likely needs different information presented to them at different times, which is why our system allows organisers to build custom reports with varying time periods, for whatever information your stakeholders need.

Add-On Tickets

Not only are entry tickets confusing in and of themselves, but there are also an infinite number of add-ons to consider alongside this. Festival-goers want to charge their phones, take a warm shower, maybe even go all out and glamp in an unnecessarily fancy yurt - the possibilities are truly endless, and they all cost money!

This is why we integrate collapsible ticket groups on our site, allowing you to easily separate your entry tickets from all your whimsical accommodation options and anything else you might want to offer as optional extras. We’ve got you covered.


The most obvious and, arguably, most frustrating issue with festival tickets. The amount of money that goes into organising music festivals is mammoth-sized, and your ticketing commissions have to reflect this in ROI without putting off potential customers with a daunting price. Obviously, decreasing ticket prices isn’t much of an option. So, instead, we can spread the cost and create a more manageable payment plan for your customers.

The first function we offer to combat discouraging ticket prices is a deposit and balance ticket which organisers can create themselves during the event setup. Relatively self-explanatory, this means purchasers can pay a deposit in order to reserve their ticket and then pay the remaining balance before a payment deadline nominated by you.

Alternatively, organisers can opt for our instalment plan tickets instead. This, again, allows customers to reserve their ticket via a deposit. Instead of paying the balance in their own time, scheduled payment dates are set up (i.e., the first of every month) for an amount to be deducted from the customer’s payment card until the ticket price is paid in full.

For more information on what sets festival ticketing aside from other events, keep an eye on our blog this week for our second rendition of expertise.