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So, What's the Deal With Festival Tickets?

Recently, we spoke to some of our existing clients to get an idea of what we have been doing right and what their most pressing needs are in a time of COVID-19 and industry uncertainty. We have identified 6 areas in which festival ticketing differs from other types of event »

Eventree tickets with terms and conditions

We've added a new feature to eventree [https://www.eventree.co.uk] that you might find useful. It asks people to agree to terms and conditions before they can download their ticket. It works like this. 1. When creating or editing a ticket type click on the secret »

Applications for Lambeth Country Show

We first met with Lambeth Country Show [http://lambethcountryshow.co.uk/] before Christmas, where we exchanged ideas about how they could streamline the process of collecting, sorting, and communicating with hundreds of applicants who come together to make this amazing 42-year old show what it is. eventree [www.eventree.co. »

Meals on wristbands

There's nothing worse on site than hungry crew. Ok, there are worse things, but you definitely, really don't want your crew going hungry if you can help it. If you're reading this you probably already know that eventree is probably the most reliable way »

The easy way to manage meals

The fact is that when you're putting on a world-class event it takes a lot of hard work. On site there are lots of hungry mouths to feed, and making sure you're equipped to do this requires a lot of preparation in advance. There are lots »


It seems that almost everyone who uses our event management platform has a different name for it: * The Crew System * TTS Crew System * TTS Crew * just "TTS" * The TTS Crew System * etc... This extends to our own staff, many of whom are often unsure what to refer to »

Feeding the masses

How do you feed 5000 people three times a day on a festival site? How do you cater for 40,000 covers over ten days without completely losing your mind? How do you make sure you're feeding the right people - and only the right people - when »

Passout perfection

During discussions when planning events it's easy to focus on getting people in to the event in the first place. Reducing queuing times whilst still providing adequate security checks is a challenge which isn't going to go away any time soon. But for another challenge, namely »

The Ticket Master

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we've received about our Crew system is how time consuming it can be to move tickets around the event. Due to the way that events are configured in a hierarchy, distributing tickets to groups at the lowest levels was always »

Barcodes! Barcodes for everyone!

As many of you know, event organisers have a legal responsibility to manage the number of people on site in accordance with the terms of their license. So it's really important that everyone on site is issued with a ticket. This is where our Crew system [https://www. »

Passbook part 1 - where is it?

Here's part one of our rough guide to using Passbook on your iPhone. We'll cover Android later so that no-one feels left out. (BlackBerry and Windows Mobile - really? Do you need to ask?) Although Passbook has been around for a couple of years now, if »