The fact is that when you're putting on a world-class event it takes a lot of hard work. On site there are lots of hungry mouths to feed, and making sure you're equipped to do this requires a lot of preparation in advance.

There are lots of systems which claim to make managing crew meals easier, but we believe eventree is the quickest and easiest of them all.

Using eventree you can set up crew meals for your entire event with just 2 clicks of your mouse/trackpad/favourite pointing device.

Look how easy it is -

In eventree, open Meals > Manage meal tickets in the left menu, like so:

Meals left menu item

eventree will then ask you whether you want to automatically populate meals for your event, based on your canteen(s) and sittings (i.e. the different meals you've told eventree you'll be serving each day):

Meals left menu item

Click yes and watch the grid below magically fill with meals.

Using information it knows about your event, eventree will automatically book meals in each canteen. You can adjust the figures in the grid if, for example, you have days on which fewer people will be on site. But if the numbers look good then scroll down and click save at the bottom:

Meals left menu item

Click Save.

That's it! You've now set up meals for your entire team for the entire duration that your canteen is open.

Of course there's lots more you can do, such as let people choose exactly when they're going to eat (or perhaps their manager chooses for them), and there's tons of detailed reporting and analysis to help the canteen get organised.

But in a nutshell - that's it! Two clicks to catering perfection.