There are fewer and fewer people in the TTS office every day as people start to finish work before Christmas. As it's my last day tomorrow I thought I'd end an almost full year of blogging with a summary of what we've done this year.

When I sat down to put the list together I wasn't sure where to start. Then I thought to myself: " “Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

So I will.


We started the year off with our fabulous cocktail making Christmas party. That was brilliant fun. Oh and we also went live with our new payment provider - Axcess, which gave us the ability to do clever things such as photographing credit cards to make payments.


We launched this blog. And we're still going!


We completely rebranded our website. Out with the old blue colour scheme, in with a new sophisticated grey and a new company logo.


We added Passbook (now Wallet) support across all our systems.


We sent one of our biggest ever event crews down to Birmingham Pride to ensure the event ran completely smoothly. Oh and at the same time we supported about 50 other events around the country.


We added the long- awaited feature which let event organisers customise their event on our website. Now the whole website looks really inviting as you click around and see different colours and branding.


Everything got really busy as festival season kicked off, but we also managed to put Secret Garden Party on sale and watched as their early bird tickets sold out.


So much happened over the summer, but one higlight was running access control at Shambala. The festival moved public and crew over to barcodes (and passbook files) and there were no queues at the main gate!


We went on a recruitment drive and brought some talented people into the team. In particular Jon Smith who is leading the development of our brand new ultra scalable ticketing platform.


October flew by, as far from being the quiet time of year we'd anticipated we decided to launch a brand new name for one of our products. TTS Crew became eventree.

We're still attending follow up meetings from the launch event and introducing lots of happy festival organisers to the easiest way to get their crew and artists on site.


This was another busy month but one highlight was the birth of baby Emily to one of the directors/owners of TheTicketSellers. Congratulations Jimmy and Kate.


We're only half way through December and it's already shaping up to be one of our busiest months yet. We've signed up some new clients, added some amazing new features to our systems, but perhaps the most exciting news was the launch of our mobile app - Box Office. You can find it in the app store now.

This is just a very short summary picking one item per month. So much more has happened and we're very grateful for the opportunities we've had in 2015.

Here's to 2016 and even more success for TheTicketSellers!