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New Year's Fun

Tradition at TheTicketSellers is that our Christmas party is held in January. Why? Simply because the run up to New Year's Eve is one of the busiest times of the year for us, so it makes sense to let our hair down (for those lucky enough to have any) in early January when all the hard work is behind us.

Great Textpectations

We think it's really important to meet our customers' expectations in every possible way. That's why we review every single new feature carefully to ensure that it's intuitive for people, rather than confusing them.

We asked customers to rank the following ways that they would like to communicate with businesses from preferred to least preferred:

1) Writing a letter

2015 - it's been a good one

There are fewer and fewer people in the TTS office every day as people start to finish work before Christmas. As it's my last day tomorrow I thought I'd end an almost full year of blogging with a summary of what we've done this year.

When I sat down to put the list together I wasn't sure where to start.

Let's get giving

We have a little Christmas time tradition here at TheTicketSellers HQ and we'd like to share it with you.

Like virtually every business in the UK we have a Christmas tree in our office. But underneath our tree you won't find traditional presents, or even "humorous" secret Santa gifts.

Instead, we ask our staff to bring in donations of food

Our culture

A lot of people have asked what it's like to work at TheTicketSellers. So we thought we'd write a bit about it to try and explain what makes it such a special place to be.

The offices

We've blogged about our offices before, but we think it's worth saying again. They really are lovely, with as much natural light as

Our work is so rewarding

At TheTicketSellers we strongly believe that the work is its own reward.

It's true.

It's really rewarding working with so many great events all year round. Because everything we do is focused on giving people a fantastic experience, we love to see the sheer enjoyment and anticipation on people's faces as they surge through the gates and into a festival

Meet the team (part 6)

Oh dear, it has been a while hasn't it? While you've been sat frantically hammering the F5 key waiting for a new article on our blog, we've been all over the country attending festival after festival. But more about our outstanding work ethic in another post. For now, let's meet and greet two more individuals from our ever-growing team.


Home sweet home

We've moved offices! No, not again. We moved back in September last year, but we've only just got round to talking about it.

Why move?

For two reasons.

First, our company had previously been split between two locations. The technical team had been based in one office whilst the operations team had been based in another. They weren't even next

Greater than the sum(mer) of its parts

We are absolutely loving summer at TheTicketSellers. Perhaps not the weather, which has been unusually rubbish even for Britain. But from a work perspective things are going really, really well.

We're proud to announce that summer 2015 is our busiest ever. We're involved in so many festivals and events that it's difficult to keep track of them all. We're selling

Meet the team (part 5)

What's this? More people? More likes and dislikes? More slightly suspect film and music choices? It must be time for another meet the team!



Liz rules our office with an iron fist. Woe betide anyone who buys anything without it first being run past Liz. Once, someone didn't submit a receipt to her on time. They don't work for

Meet the team (part 4)

It's June, the sun is shining (sort of) and the team at TheTicketSellers is bravely starting to wear shorts and other summer attire to work.

Here are two more members of our rather fantastic team for you to get to know.



When she's not studying for her degree in Pharmacy at The University of Birmingham, Harriet is a star

Meet the team (part 3)

At TheTicketSellers we, like so many other companies, pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated as an individual and recognised for their individual contributions to the success of our company. Even twins.

In many ways it was a big decision to take on both Hewitt twins. As you can

Meet the team (part 2)

As promised, we are going to introduce you to more people in each of these posts. Here are two more members of the creative TTS team based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.



Ben has worked as a software engineer at TheTicketSellers since 2014. He and his colleagues design and build new features for the website and event management software. Ben

Meet the team (part 1)

Looking back it is amazing just how quickly the team has grown over the past few years. In 2011, we employed just 6 people - including the directors - and worked from a converted shop in Selly Oak. Fast forward to the present day and we have 16 full-time members of staff plus an additional 10 part-time Operations Support staff.