We think it's really important to meet our customers' expectations in every possible way. That's why we review every single new feature carefully to ensure that it's intuitive for people, rather than confusing them.

We asked customers to rank the following ways that they would like to communicate with businesses from preferred to least preferred:

  1. Writing a letter
  2. SMS (including Whatsapp, Snapchat etc)
  3. Email
  4. Phone call
  5. Fax

The vast majority of people ranked them in this order:

  1. SMS (including Whatsapp, Snapchat etc)
  2. Email
  3. Phone call
  4. Writing a letter
  5. Fax

We think that's fair. Everyone uses SMS/texting/Whatsapp etc pretty much constantly. We still pick up the phone and email from time to time, but writing letters and faxing are becoming rare.

Having established how people want to get in touch with us we realised that we only offered 3 of these: phone, email and writing a letter.

People's preferred way to communicate with us is SMS and we didn't offer that service. And when we looked around it seemed like virtually no-one else does either.

That's no good. We want to meet - and exceed - customers' expectations. If they want to contact us by text when it's convenient for them, they should be able to.

So, as of about 48 hours ago, any customer of TheTicketSellers can text us on 07763 574 115 with order or account enquiries.

The text will go through to our 24hr UK-based call centre where a member of the customer relations team will reply and help with their enquiry.

There's no need to write a length email, or find the time - and quiet place - to make a phone call. Customers can text from home (even in bed), work, during lectures (not that we'd advocate either of the last two unless your establishment specifically allows it) or even whilst standing outside a club.

It's the ultimate zero barrier, no friction customer support.

Great text-pectations indeed.