Tradition at TheTicketSellers is that our Christmas party is held in January. Why? Simply because the run up to New Year's Eve is one of the busiest times of the year for us, so it makes sense to let our hair down (for those lucky enough to have any) in early January when all the hard work is behind us.

This year the team set off on a scavenger hunt around Birmingham. Various points were on offer for teams completing tasks and collecting items such as:

  • 15 train tickets
  • A job application for a restaurant
  • Bringing a random stranger back to the office at the end of the scavenger hunt
  • Taking a photograph of the entire team on top of a statue
  • Taking a photograph of the team backstage at a theatre

Some of the highlights include:

Nick accompanying a busker:

Lauren storming her way to victory by getting a tattoo:

Lauren Tattoo

Caz challenging a stranger to a dance-off on top of a bar:

Caz dance off

Nick (again!) singing the national anthem with a policeman (and collecting bonus points for wearing the policeman's hat):

And finally....

Caz and Ben kissing

Well, it was worth 25 points after all!

Once the scores had been announced (and Jimmy's team declared the winner) we set off to The Cosy Club for food, drink and some party games:

TTS at The Cosy Club

As the evening drew on, one by one people disappeared home with the last two surviving members of the group calling it a night at 5:30am.

Thanks to everyone at TTS for participating and making it a great evening. And thanks to the people of Birmingham for indulging our teams in their many varied requests!