We're all price conscious people at TheTicketSellers. We get it - life is expensive and sometimes customers need to spread the cost of paying for tickets. The problem is, popular events sell out quickly.

So how do you reconcile these two things?

Previously we've launched 2 ways of spreading the cost of payment: EasyPay tickets (pay a deposit followed by as many instalments as you like) and Deposit & Balance tickets (pay the deposit now then pay the balance later).

We're now really pleased to announce a third way to spread the cost of buying tickets: Instalment Plan Tickets.

With these the customer pays an initial deposit when they reserve the tickets. One or two further payments are automatically taken from the same card at fixed points in the future. For example, the customer might buy a ticket today and the next two payments are scheduled for 1st March and 1st May.

The event organiser chooses how much the initial deposit is and how much - and how frequently - the instalment payments are.

If the customer misses one or other of the instalment payments they have 7 days in which to pay the balance in full. If they're unable to do this then they lose the ticket, although of course they have the option to buy another ticket for the event.

It's simple, customers understand it, and it's another example of the flexibility offered by TheTicketSellers.