We have a little Christmas time tradition here at TheTicketSellers HQ and we'd like to share it with you.

Like virtually every business in the UK we have a Christmas tree in our office. But underneath our tree you won't find traditional presents, or even "humorous" secret Santa gifts.

Instead, we ask our staff to bring in donations of food which we take to the local foodbank just before Christmas. The foodbank publishes a list of food items which they would find most useful and our staff kindly buy whatever they can from this list to place underneath the tree.

There are many families in the UK who would go hungry without the support of the foodbank. Whilst help of this kind is needed year round, we think it's especially valued at Christmas. It's the time of year when families gather round large meals to exchange gifts, enjoy each other's company and occasionally squabble over what to watch on TV. Just think how much less enjoyable that would all be without the food.

We'd really welcome your support with this initiative. If you're able to, please pop into our office with some food to donate. The food list is here and there are items to suit every budget.

Our office is located at 32 Frederick St, Birmingham, B1 3HH.

We're taking the food to the foodbank on the 23rd December so if you can, please bring a donation to put under the tree before then.


Technical Team Solutions dropping off their contributions