A lot of people have asked what it's like to work at TheTicketSellers. So we thought we'd write a bit about it to try and explain what makes it such a special place to be.

The offices

We've blogged about our offices before, but we think it's worth saying again. They really are lovely, with as much natural light as anyone could ask for bursting in through windows which stretch almost the full height of the walls. It's easy to become complacent and get used to your surroundings, but there's something about the beams, exposed brickwork and original fireplaces which never grows old.

The working week

We work a pretty standard 37.5 hour week, but we're really flexible about when and how people work. People start as early as 7am or as late as 11pm. They leave any time after 3pm which means there are hours to suit everyone and to make sure no-one ever has to get stuck in traffic.

The team can also work from home whenever they'd like to and we all keep in touch using tools such as Gmail and Slack. In fact, anyone can suggest or recommend tools or technology to help us work together more effectively and we listen to every idea carefully.

Fun and games

If going to as many festivals as you like isn't enough fun, we try to make the 'normal' office weeks as enjoyable as possible. Team breakfasts are a regular and welcome event. There are frequent, fiercly fought games of pool at our local pub. Pancakes, cocktail making, pumpkin carving, riding round and round on "hoverboards" ... it all happens here at TTS HQ.

The people

Ultimately all of the above would be of no use whatsoever without a great team of people. Luckly we've found some of the best people in the Birmingham area and put them together to form the fabulous TTS team.

Every single person contributes in a measurable, tangible way to the success of the business, and we look forward to further challenges and triumphs as we continue to work together.

If you're interested in joining us then please get in touch and tell us exactly why we should employ you.