We've moved offices! No, not again. We moved back in September last year, but we've only just got round to talking about it.

Why move?

For two reasons.

First, our company had previously been split between two locations. The technical team had been based in one office whilst the operations team had been based in another. They weren't even next door, and it meant that collaboration between the two departments was unnecessarily difficult.

Second, we'd outgrown our two offices and needed more space to house our ever-growing technical team.

We carefully considered several locations before settling on a converted warehouse/factory/thing in the Jewellery Quarter. It is, we have to say, absolutely stunning.

Gorgeous high ceilings make it feel incredibly spacious.

There are huge (almost floor to ceiling) windows all the way down both sides which let masses of natural light in. Yes, our developers insist on having the blinds shut constantly lest the tiniest amount of daylight accidentally make contact with their porcelain skin, but the light is there if we want it.

We've kitted out the interior with glass partitions to enhance the feeling of openness.

If you're ever in the area please feel free to knock on our door and ask for a tour. You can grab some free food or drink (provided for all our staff and their guests), chill on one of the sofas, listen to some music or even sample our delightfully hot and powerful shower.

Lovely wooden floors and open space:

There are normally more people in here, honestly!

Our kitchen, source of free food/drink throughout the day:

Glass and bricks!