Oh dear, it has been a while hasn't it? While you've been sat frantically hammering the F5 key waiting for a new article on our blog, we've been all over the country attending festival after festival. But more about our outstanding work ethic in another post. For now, let's meet and greet two more individuals from our ever-growing team.



Jimmy is one of the two owners/directors of TheTicketSellers. He leads by example, building strong relationships with our clients all round the country, and stomping around festival sites in the mud with the rest of the team.

Likes: Lazy weekends, cream cakes & a freshly shaved face (my own that is)

Dislikes: Being late, cats and dogs as they all want to bite me & marmite

Favourite film: Casino, Goodfellas, Se7en, The Shining

Favourite band: Elvis Presley & The TCB Band

My two desert island items: My 50" TV, watching films back-to-back with Mrs Hewson

Strengths: Problem solver, compassionate & doing press ups!

Superpower: Power mimicry so I can basically have them all



Takis focuses his finely honed development skills on the front-end of our systems, making sure our UI is responsive, intuitive and scalable. Like a classic period sculptor, he thrives on taking rough raw material and fashioning it into the streamlined UI our customers love.

Likes: Computer & videogames, books, electric guitars, swimming, thinking

Dislikes: Lamb, dust, thinking

Favourite film: Groundhog Day

Favourite band: Porcupine Tree

My two desert island items: A powerful radio transmitter and a battery

Strengths: Passionate, never-ending thirst for knowledge

Superpower: Interstellar travel & communication

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