During discussions when planning events it's easy to focus on getting people in to the event in the first place. Reducing queuing times whilst still providing adequate security checks is a challenge which isn't going to go away any time soon.

But for another challenge, namely how to control the flow of customers out of - and back into - your event there is an answer: TheTicketSellers' passouts system.

Whether you're selling through us or not, we can put a robust passouts system in place at your event. Using the wristbands you're already issuing to your event attendees our system sits behind the scenes and allows you to safely let people out of the event and back in again.

Our passouts system lets you scan the customer's wristband as they leave the event and once again when they re-enter. The system will flag up any wristbands which are in the incorrect state - e.g. wristbands which have been stolen and/or smuggled out of the event.

You can set a limit for the number of times each person can go back to their car. When this limit is set your staff are alerted so they can investigate why a particular individual is coming in and out so frequently. You can remove this limit for key people who need the freedom to come and go as they please.

The system also provides a full audit trail for each individual showing you exactly when and where they have been passing in and out. All the data synchronises across the system from multiple gates meaning that someone can leave by one gate and re-enter via another.

It's incredibly simple to use. In most cases all users need to do is press 1 button. We provide all the equipment and training to your team and we'll make sure you get support during the event.

Forget hand stamps and scraps of paper. Don't worry about stolen wristbands. Remove customer frustration by accurately tracking who is in and out of your event. Get in touch today to see how we can help you manage passouts at your event.