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Meals on wristbands

There's nothing worse on site than hungry crew.

Ok, there are worse things, but you definitely, really don't want your crew going hungry if you can help it.

If you're reading this you probably already know that eventree is probably the most reliable way to redeem crew meals on site. The entire system was built over years in the mud

The easy way to manage meals

The fact is that when you're putting on a world-class event it takes a lot of hard work. On site there are lots of hungry mouths to feed, and making sure you're equipped to do this requires a lot of preparation in advance.

There are lots of systems which claim to make managing crew meals easier, but we believe eventree


It seems that almost everyone who uses our event management platform has a different name for it:

  • The Crew System
  • TTS Crew System
  • TTS Crew
  • just "TTS"
  • The TTS Crew System
  • etc...

This extends to our own staff, many of whom are often unsure what to refer to it as. Its official name has always been TheTicketSellers: Crew System and

Make it so

We are delighted to announce that tickets for Just So Festival 2016 - which is regularly voted one of the best family festivals in the UK - recently went on sale via our website.

Just So 2015 Photo by Jane Anderson - Summer Festival Guide

Early bird tickets went on sale a couple of weeks ago. Didn't remember to buy one? Not to

Feeding the masses

How do you feed 5000 people three times a day on a festival site? How do you cater for 40,000 covers over ten days without completely losing your mind? How do you make sure you're feeding the right people - and only the right people - when there's a queue of hungry crew lining up for breakfast?

The answer

Passout perfection

During discussions when planning events it's easy to focus on getting people in to the event in the first place. Reducing queuing times whilst still providing adequate security checks is a challenge which isn't going to go away any time soon.

But for another challenge, namely how to control the flow of customers out of - and back into -

Greater than the sum(mer) of its parts

We are absolutely loving summer at TheTicketSellers. Perhaps not the weather, which has been unusually rubbish even for Britain. But from a work perspective things are going really, really well.

We're proud to announce that summer 2015 is our busiest ever. We're involved in so many festivals and events that it's difficult to keep track of them all. We're selling

Welcome to paradise

At 6am on 11th June, blinking in the crisp, early morning Birmingham air, our events team lugged bags of gear into the back of the X5. Despite being a decent sized 4x4, the car was soon full to the brim with camping gear, entry equipment, food, water, oh, and the team. They were off to Eden Festival where we'd been

Taking Pride in our work

Last weekend, 23rd-24th May, Birmingham Pride 2015 took place under the glorious spring sunshine in the heart of England's second city.

The Hurst Street area was transformed into a shimmering array of colours, costumes and colourful characters as first the parade, then the celebrations, and finally the partying took place.

Amidst the good natured fun nestled our dedicated events team,

Barcodes! Barcodes for everyone!

As many of you know, event organisers have a legal responsibility to manage the number of people on site in accordance with the terms of their license. So it's really important that everyone on site is issued with a ticket.

This is where our Crew system comes in. Designed by people intimately familiar with the inner workings of festivals (and