As we're sure you've been made aware, Boomtown 2020 tickets are being released for public sale in a week (!!!). In anticipation for the glorious madness, we've put together a little cheat sheet for you all, filled with tips on what to do prior to the ticket release, as well as the best course of action to take if (on the off chance) you run into any issues when placing your order with us. So, get comfy, and prepare to soak up all the information you need for a smooth ticketing process.

What To Do Before Tickets Are Released

Tickets for Boomtown 2020 aren't released until 7pm GMT on 06/11/2019, so you lucky people have all day to prepare before they're released! To ensure you manage to get the tickets you need before they sell out, here are a few helpful tips of how to get ahead of the game:

Pre-Register An Account With Us

If you've never ordered with us before, you'll need to register an account before you can purchase any tickets. To do this, follow this link and input all of your details. Make sure to double check and proofread all of your information - if you enter your email address incorrectly, you may not receive your order confirmation.

Have The Event Page Up and Ready

Once registered, make sure to be logged into your account and have the event page open on your computer or device ready to order. The event page can be found by following this link.

Be Sure That You're Using The Correct Payment Card

Don't forget to double check that the payment card you're using has sufficient funds in! The last thing you want is to go through the whole checkout process, just for your card provider to decline the transaction. Double check your online banking, and make sure to transfer any funds into the right account if you haven't yet.

Don't Rush Through The Checkout Process

If you're stressed and attempting to quickly enter any ticket-holder or card information, you're more likely to make a mistake along the way. If you complete the checkout process but the information isn't correct, the order will fail and you'll need to start again - which means the tickets you originally wanted may have sold out in that time (nightmare).

Once you add the tickets to your basket, they are reserved for you and you have 14 minutes to complete the order, so you have plenty of time to proofread the information you enter to avoid any mistakes. During this time, you can also review your basket and double-check that you've reserved the correct amount of tickets, the correct entry tickets, and entered the correct ticket-holder information.

Please be aware that there are separate tickets for Wednesday and Thursday entry, so take your time to ensure you've bought the correct ticket(s) for the day that you're planning to attend on!

Make Sure You Have A Stable WiFi Connection

Being connected to WiFi ensures a steadier and smoother checkout process, and means the page is less likely to timeout due to connection errors. We always recommend placing orders on a desktop rather than a mobile device, and opting for WiFi rather than 3/4G, just to be safe!

If You're Booking For A Group

When booking for several people, you'll need to enter their full name (as it appears on their ID, no nicknames), email address, and phone number. Please ensure to have this information to hand before starting the checkout process, to avoid having to go back and edit this at a later date.

Familiarise Yourself With The Ticket Types and Any Limitations

Boomtown offer a vast array of ticket types, and some of these have limits on how many can be purchased at any one time (e.g. two teen tickets for every adult aged 30+). If you know exactly what ticket(s) you need before even starting the order, it will make it much easier to find and reserve these from the event page.

If you're unsure about any ticketing rules in regards to child, teen, travel, or camping tickets, information can be found on Boomtown's FAQ page, here. We've also got some useful information on our Boomtown 2020 Instagram Highlight for all things tickets!

What To Do If You Have Any Issues

Tickets Failed to Reserve

When there is high demand for tickets not every customer will be successful in reserving tickets. The successful customers will be the first ones to select the desired quantity and click the 'Reserve Tickets' button. If you are not successful you will see a message like this:

This means that you weren’t quite quick enough and the tickets you wanted were sold out by the time you clicked ‘Reserve Tickets’. You can always try going back to the list of tickets to see if an alternative ticket is still available (e.g. a higher tier ticket).

Multiple Attempts

If your payment is taking longer than usual to process you may be tempted to try to make the payment again. Do not make multiple attempts to purchase your ticket as this may result in you being charged twice for your ticket. If you are unsure whether payment has been successful, please contact us here before making another attempt.

If you have checked with your bank and noticed that you have been charged more than once for your ticket, please contact us here for a refund.

Payment Error Messages

If you have tried to purchase tickets but your payment has been declined, or an error message has appeared, please check the following:

Did you enter the correct name on the card? This may be a slightly different name to the one you use on your account (for example Kate Smith may be Katherine Smith, or Miss K Smith).

Do you have sufficient funds on the card? Sometimes there may be payments pending on your account.

Did you give the correct expiry date and 3-digit security code at the point of purchase? Don't rely on autofill, please check each field.

Have you received any text messages from your bank? Sometimes banks require confirmation of a purchase, particularly if it is outside of your usual spending habits.

Are you making a payment from abroad? If so, your bank may think the transaction is unusual account activity, please contact them if this is the case.

If you are having problems making your purchase please contact us here.

Your Basket Has Expired

If you take a little longer to complete the checkout process for your tickets, there may be an error message displayed on your screen that states “Your basket has been emptied... Please go back and add the tickets again.

All orders have a timer on them to ensure that as many customers as possible are given the chance to book. During this timer, you are only reserving your tickets so no one else can access them. The tickets are not actually yours until you complete the checkout process.

If, for any reason, you take longer than the timer provided, your tickets will be released back on sale on our website. This is why, occasionally, lower tier tickets will appear as available to purchase after first showing as sold out. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this.

When your basket times out, you are able to go back and add the tickets again. If the tickets have sold out since you initially reserved your tickets, you will need to purchase different tickets (i.e. a higher tier), or await for more tickets to be released.
If your basket has expired after already having entered your card details, and you are unsure as to whether or not a payment was taken, please contact us here.

Problem Processing Order

Occasionally, after inputting your payment details for an order, an error message will appear that states “there was a problem processing your order” - this usually happens when the website is experiencing heavy traffic. For instance, if a large-scale event has recently gone on sale and there is a large number of customers attempting to order tickets for the same event.

If this message displays itself after an attempt to complete the checkout process, please do not try to make multiple transactions, as your payment card may be debited more than once. Instead, please contact us here and we can make sure that the initial payment did not go through.

Email Confirmation Not Received, Payment Taken

If, after having successfully completed the checkout process for your tickets, you have not received an email confirming your purchase, please check the following:

Did you order the tickets on your ticketsellers account, or did you use a friends? If you used someone else’s account, the confirmation will be sent to their email address.

Did you proofread the email address you entered upon registering your account? Occasionally, when attempting to rush through the checkout process, customers may quickly enter their email address and miss out a character or input ‘.com’ instead of ‘’, or vice versa.

Do you have multiple accounts registered to us, with different email addresses? If this is the case, please login to each of your accounts and click on either the ‘Order History’ or the ‘My Tickets’ tab, to confirm which account you have used.

If you have checked all of the relevant details and still need help, please contact us here.