It seems that almost everyone who uses our event management platform has a different name for it:

  • The Crew System
  • TTS Crew System
  • TTS Crew
  • just "TTS"
  • The TTS Crew System
  • etc...

This extends to our own staff, many of whom are often unsure what to refer to it as. Its official name has always been TheTicketSellers: Crew System and this has been abreviated to TTS Crew. No wonder people got confused.

There there were two other reasons that we weren't totally happy with the name:

  1. It's not just for managing crew.

Sure, crew are an important part of events, but the term isn't totally ubiquitous for event staff. It also gave the impression that the system couldn't be used for managing artists, meals, budgets, applications and so on when in fact it does all of these things and much more.

  1. It's an event management platform, so maybe it would be good to reflect that in the name.

So today we are announcing the first totally rebranded product from TheTicketSellers. Our event management system is now known as:


Not sure how to pronounce it? It's really simple:

Event - ree

Dead simple! And if you want to access it?

There's even more exciting news coming soon, but we think this is enough excitement for one blog post!