If you've been up to date with all things hip and trendy, you'll know that last week we let you in on some telling traits of festival vs. standard event tickets. Well, you're in luck, because we're back with a second rendition of everything festival tickets.

On Sale Timeline

Whereas club or one-day events may be available for purchase for a couple of weeks or so, tickets for festivals are usually on sale for 6-12 months, maybe even longer due to COVID-19 rescheduling. This means people are oftentimes purchasing tickets with limited information of the festival available to them, such as headliners or line-ups in general.

This puts organisers in a position to build engagement opportunities within the sale period of their tickets, as well as construct a sense of anticipation and excitement leading to a boost of sales with each event-specific announcement.

Being readily available and prepared for a surge in sales and, therefore, a potential rise in customer service requests requires a dedicated team on hand to help. Luckily, we have an inhouse customer service team to take any additional pressure off of your team during all key dates throughout your tickets’ on sale.


Asking thousands of crew, staff, artists and festival-goers to travel across the country (and sometimes even abroad) to attend your event whilst preaching sustainability is a dangerous line to tread, but we believe to have found the perfect balance. Being a genuinely sustainable company is imperative to being a successful event, and avoiding the ‘hypocrite’ label has never been more important.

With this in mind, our system includes various options to create a more environmentally friendly festival. The first of which is the option to include a mandatory eco-bond with all entry tickets. Eco-bonds are an additional ticket usually at a cost of around £10, refundable at the event in exchange for a bag of rubbish from the campsite. Including this within ticketing encourages site-visitors to clean up after themselves and there’s no shame in a bit of forced incentive!

If carbon footprint is your thing, we work in partnership with Ecolibrium (previously Energy Revolution) to combat this issue with festival-goers. Now, whilst setting up your event on our platform, you can add a Carbon Calculator with one click. This allows for customers to figure out the carbon impact made when travelling to your event, and balance out the emissions by making a donation instead.

We also have systems in place to encourage event-goers to travel by public transport instead of driving. Offering incentives is the most simple way to encourage this, so offering a slightly lowered priced entry ticket to those arriving by public transport is the most effective way to do so. The common issue with this is customers opting for the discounted ticket without having arrived by the travel option originally selected. In response to this, we’ve created ticketing rules meaning these entry tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with bus/train transport, as well as offering a public transport specific barcode/entry gate onsite to avoid people attempting to get around this.

Advance Payments

Maybe not entirely festival-specific, but the need for payments prior to the event date is certainly a very notable point for festival organisers. Suppliers need paying, the expenses build and you’ve not received your ticket profits yet.

After discussing these issues with our existing clients, 82% of respondents agreed that access to their ticketing funds is very important, with a further 18% finding it somewhat important. Fortunately for you, we get it! As industry experts, we understand the need for advance payments, which is why we’ll never withhold your ticketing funds from you.

Given that our event ticketing system already has the necessary tools integrated to combat the most common issues that set festival ticketing aside from other events, our expertise in the field speaks for itself! If you want to know why 91% of our clients from a recent survey would definitely recommend us to other organisers, get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

If you've got any more questions around how we can help sell tickets for your independent festival, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, here.