With the future of mass gatherings and events continuously in question, the livelihood of your favourite independent festivals is also in doubt. Independent organisers are, rightfully, worried, and the support of their fans, both past and future, has never been more necessary. The question remains, though: how can you support independent festivals through the hot mess that is 2020?

Well, given the general sense of stress and turmoil the world is currently wrought with, we’ll find out how for you and compile it all into a nice, convenient blog series. This week, we’re kicking things off with three of our favourites. Don’t we treat you guys right!


Bringing the artwork of Holy Moly to life even more, Boomtown have launched an official online shop. Posters, reusable water bottles, hats, clothes and a custom designed minirig, and they’re all bringing the same psychedelic energy we’ve come to expect and love from the organisers. If you’re feeling stuck on what to get your friends for Christmas, the Chapter 11 poster is my personal favourite. Or, if the wound isn’t still too fresh, they’ve released a ‘Lost Chapter’ edition for what would’ve been the 2020 event.

As you'd expect, purchasing tickets for 2021 events is the best and most beneficial way to show your support for independent festival organisers. Boomtown’s tickets are on sale here, and they’ve even included a 4-step guide so you can be sure to order the right tickets that you need (there are a LOT of options, so brace yourself and read the guide!).


Shambala have an online emporium on their website, homing an array of merchandise from reusable cups/bottles (we love a sustainable festival, ladies), enamel pin badges, clothing and art prints to kit yourself out all things Shambala.

Tickets for the 2021 event aren’t quite on sale just yet, but they have got an exclusive app available for download to explore all the wonderful and magical things that make Shambala so enchanting. Community events, positive news, exclusive sounds and mixes and all the things you’d expect from the IRL festival - search ‘Shambala’ on the app store.

Green Man

An 18+ online shop? Okay Miss, sign us up! Listing IPA’s, enamel pins, keyrings,  t-shirts and tote bags, Green Man has hit the nail on the head with their online store. Tickets for 2021 are still pending, so be sure to show your support via their merch shop and sign up to their newsletter for updates on all things Green Man.

Next week, we'll be back with three more independent festival's and some quick links for you to show your support - so be sure to follow along on our socials!