Last week we brought you a little cheat sheet on how to support some of our favourite independent festivals; Shambala, Boomtown and Green Man. This week, we're back hot and heavier with another edition, this time sporting the likes of Shindig, Noisily, Tearout and Deer Shed. Read on, sweet saints.

Shindig Festival

Operating an online shop over on their website, Shindig are selling merch varying from beanies, t-shirts, hoodies and posters, as well as Gold and Silver Cards. The cards, available at £50 and £25 respectively, include perks and merch available at the 2021 event.

Sadly, the Gold edition has now sold out, but the Silver card offers access to the friends & family backstage bar, 25% discount at the on site merch stall, an event poster and special wristband to be collected at the event, as well as exclusive DJ mixes and a Silver Card to keep for life.

As well as the online shop, Tickets for Shindig 2021 are also still on sale on their website, here. As much as we all love to buy physical merchandise, showing the organisers that you’re hopeful for the 2021 festival season is the best gift you can give!


Noisily have set up a crowd funder for their festival, with a fun and exciting twist! When you donate to the event, you will be given a ‘reward’ in accordance with how much you’re able to give. The first reward, with a £20 donation, gets you entry into a raffle to win boutique camping at the 2021 event - pretty standard, very appealing.

The largest award, though, when you donate £10,000 (!!!!!) gets you the Noisily Megapack. This includes a buggy with a driver all weekend at their 2021 event, a lifetime pair of tickets to Noisily future events, a £500 bar tab for the festival, and a whole bunch of merchandise. Donations in between, of course, come with their prizes too - so help in any way you can!

As always, tickets for 2021 are on sale, too, with deposit schemes available if you’re not in a position to go all out with a full-priced ticket at the moment. Show some love and make some noise for Noisily!

Tearout Festival

Over on their online shop, Tearout are offering unisex hoodies and t-shirts, as well as an A2 line-up poster from their 2019 event if you’re really ready to reminisce. Similarly, tickets for their 2021 event are still on sale, too, but they’ve gone above and beyond by offering both a Winter (well, April - thanks COVID), and a Summer event. Don’t say they never spoil you!

Tickets start from £65, and they’re also offering instalment tickets if you need to spread the cost a bit more. You can purchase them here, or here.  

Deer Shed Festival

Coming through with all things sustainable, Deer Shed are selling tote bags and reusable water bottles, as well as pin badges. They’re also offering clothing for men, ladies, and kids so you can cop your Christmas presents for everyone in a one-r - winning! I, personally, am especially into the kids Deer Division t-shirt, and the navy tote bag.

Tickets for Deer Shed 2021 are on sale if you want to show your maximum support, available at either full-price (here) or via a three-part instalment plan (here). Festival organisers are crying out to know that their fans are hopeful for the future of their events, so don’t hold back!