At TheTicketSellers we strongly believe that the work is its own reward.

It's true.

It's really rewarding working with so many great events all year round. Because everything we do is focused on giving people a fantastic experience, we love to see the sheer enjoyment and anticipation on people's faces as they surge through the gates and into a festival site.

That said, it's nice when other people recognise what a fantastic job we're doing. So we're really pleased to announce that we've been shortlisted for the Event Technology Awards 2015.

Someone has nominated us in the 'Best Use of Technology by a festival' category - so thank you very much, whoever you are.

There are a lot of well respected organisations in the shortlist for the various categories so it's fab just to be shortlisted alongside them. Never mind the thought that we might actually win something!

We won't know any more until 13th November, so please check back to see how we got on. Even if we don't win (which we probably won't), it'll be fun to be involved, and a sign that we're getting recognised as a serious contender in the event technology sector.