As many of you know, event organisers have a legal responsibility to manage the number of people on site in accordance with the terms of their license. So it's really important that everyone on site is issued with a ticket.

This is where our Crew system comes in. Designed by people intimately familiar with the inner workings of festivals (and other events), it makes it incredibly simple to distribute the correct amount of tickets, meals, money and other assets throughout your event. When we say simple, we really mean it. You can literally copy and paste from Excel if you want to, and the system will eagerly take that data and work with it.

We're really excited to announce that as of today, 18th May, you can choose to issue barcoded tickets from the Crew system. The public have had this option for some time now. Many events sold from our website included barcoded tickets which our door staff scan on the way into the event.

This is the first time the same technology has been available from the Crew system.

And there's more - all barcoded tickets also come with a Passbook file to make it super-easy for everyone to keep their ticket with them. Passbook files are issued across the board from our website. In the Crew system you can choose whether to use them or not.

We've been trialling this technology internally and we love it. We've written a series of articles on our blog about it and included a help page on our website.

Whether you want to use Passbook or not, barcodes offer additional security, make it quicker to check people into events, and combined with Passbook technology are a really environmentally friendly alternative to paper tickets.

If you have any further questions or would like to use barcodes at your event please get in touch with your account manger.