We're sorry to talk about ourselves again, but, well it's our blog, and also it's something good for our clients too.

You may have noticed us popping up all over the internet recently? No? Well, you're about to. After evaluating many different options we've partnered with an advertising network that we believes shares our philosophy about advertising.

So if you're a client, read on - you'll like what we've got to say.

We've signed a deal which means your events are promoted widely over the internet using one of the biggest advertising networks. It's extremely targeted, meaning that adverts are only shown to people who might actually be interested in buying tickets, rather than blindly showing adverts to everyone.

There's a specific focus on customers who have visited your event page on our website but have left without buying a ticket. The advertising network will try to entice them back to buy a ticket with cleverly positioned adverts displayed as they browse the internet.

It's designed not to be overwhelming or annoying, and we've made sure - to the best of our ability - that people aren't shown irrelevant adverts.

Please speak to your account manager to learn more about how your events can be promoted in this way.