Last weekend, 23rd-24th May, Birmingham Pride 2015 took place under the glorious spring sunshine in the heart of England's second city.

The Hurst Street area was transformed into a shimmering array of colours, costumes and colourful characters as first the parade, then the celebrations, and finally the partying took place.

Amidst the good natured fun nestled our dedicated events team, huddled together in their brand new high-vis jackets, crammed into cash sheds and overseeing one of the slickest events we've had the pleasure of attending so far this year.

The organisers of Birmingham Pride asked us to manage the safe entrance of the public to the event, including a wristband exchange point at the start of the parade in Victoria Square.

We are absolutely proud to announce that it was a resounding success, and thanks to our team being prepared to work 18 hour shifts with minimal breaks we ensured that everyone was admitted safely with barely any queuing.

We took the opportunity to break out the latest technology: QR codes, Passbook files, iPads for card payments etc ... Sometimes technology lets you down, but at TheTicketSellers we believe we've mastered it and forced it to do our bidding :)

On behalf of everyone at TheTicketSellers we'd also like to thank the organisers of Birmingham Pride for looking after us so well, and for making sure we were provided with everything we needed to make their event a complete success.

We always take pride in our work, and thanks for our good work at Birmingham Pride, we're allowing ourselves to take just a little bit more.