At TheTicketSellers we, like so many other companies, pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated as an individual and recognised for their individual contributions to the success of our company. Even twins.

In many ways it was a big decision to take on both Hewitt twins. As you can see from the photos below they are absolutely identical, so many members of staff were worried about being able to tell the difference between them. Some people fretted that they would address a twin by the wrong name and look foolish, or that they would inadvertently offend by - for example - booking a hotel and asking for a twin room out loud. One person was so worried about upsetting them that she threw away half her socks so she only had odd socks remaining.

However, the ability to employ two people for the cost of one was a persuading factor in our internal discussion, and we went to considerable lengths to adapt the workplace for the arrival of the twins.

Before their starting day we used the services of a Diversity and Equal Opportunities consultant to coach staff in series of workshops covering topics such as :

  • How to address a twin
  • Working with twins - think of them as two people
  • Setting up twin monitors for a PC

They were also on hand to answer difficult questions such as:

  • How do we know they are really two people?
  • What if I think I'm turning into a twin?
  • If one twin commits a crime does the other one have to go to prison too?
  • Are they really telepathic?
  • Do twins evolve into triplets?

We're delighted with the contributions the twins have made to the company over the years, and look forward to recruiting two sets of identical quadruplets to join them in 2016.



Libby works in our operations team and makes our customers really happy. This is why so many people love to buy their tickets from TheTicketSellers.

Likes: Cheese, reading, travelling & secrets

Dislikes: Late people, cups of tea & sweets

Favourite film: City of Angels

Favourite band: S Club 7

My two desert island items: Joe Mangeniello & some tanning oil

Strengths: Creativity, people skills, empathetic and organised

Superpower: Apparition so I could save time and do more



Caz also works in our operations team and also makes our customers really happy. This is another reason why so many people love to buy their tickets from TheTicketSellers.

Likes: Hockey, sleeping, Nandos

Dislikes: Onions, waking up in the morning, the use of etc in text messages, people smoking near me

Favourite film: Harry Potter

Favourite band: Nickleback

My two desert island items: Big Yacht and Nandos restaurant with unlimited food

Strengths: Tenacious,persuasive and dedicated

Superpower: Apparition so i can keep up with my twin <3

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