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Barcodes! Barcodes for everyone!

As many of you know, event organisers have a legal responsibility to manage the number of people on site in accordance with the terms of their license. So it's really important that everyone on site is issued with a ticket. This is where our Crew system [https://www. »

Passbook part 2 - adding to Passbook

If you've been reading our series on Passbook then by now you know what it is [] and where it is [] . Now you need to know how to use it. When you buy a ticket from us »

Passbook part 1 - where is it?

Here's part one of our rough guide to using Passbook on your iPhone. We'll cover Android later so that no-one feels left out. (BlackBerry and Windows Mobile - really? Do you need to ask?) Although Passbook has been around for a couple of years now, if »

Passbook - how to stop losing things

I've got this really serious problem that I want to tell you about. I lose things. Not important things like phones, watches, cars or children. Little things. Mostly receipts. I can lose a receipt in the time between being handed it at the checkout and exiting the shop. »