If you've been reading our series on Passbook then by now you know what it is and where it is. Now you need to know how to use it.

When you buy a ticket from us you'll get 2 emails.

The first email is your order confirmation. This should arrive within a few minutes of placing your order and simply confirms that your order is correct, your payment has been taken and generally that everything is good.

The second email is even more important because it contains your ticket, or tickets (if you've bought more than one). This email contains a section which looks similar to this:

Ticket email from TheTicketSellers

Here you can see that Fester has bought two tickets - a standard adult ticket and a motorcycle pass (so he can bring his trusty steed on site with him). The right column contains two really important icons.

The PDF icon lets you download the ticket as a PDF. You can then print it out or save it somewhere handy. This is fine and works well enough, but it's not really the future is it?

The 'Add to Passbook' icon is where the good stuff happens. When you tap on this icon (on your phone please) you'll get whisked off to our dedicated Passbook CDN (essentially a way to ensure our millions of customers can all download their files quickly and at the same time). Next some magic happens, and then a couple of seconds later the Passbook app will open on your phone.

Passbook will ask you if you want to save the pass. You do. Trust us. That's the whole point of this. Let Passbook save the ticket (or pass if you want to use that term) into your Passbook and - ta da! - it's there.

Phew - that wasn't so hard really was it? You've saved your first ticket to passbook and you're well on your way to becoming a professional event attendee.

Next up - using the ticket to get into an event. Once you've read this one you're pretty much done! Technology doesn't have to be scary :)