Everyone likes a bargain and event organisers are constantly seeking new ways to engage with their audience, so the wonderful tech team at TTS have come up with a new tool that does both.


Offering customers a discount by inserting a promo code in a box is nothing new, but the downside is that the code can easily be shared and you don’t get much control over your discounted sales. As soon as one person posts it on Facebook that’s it - everyone’s using the same code for cheaper tickets.

Our account management team can give you as many one-time-use promo codes as you need. Each can be restricted to certain tickets, and only allows one person to use it before it expires.

If you’ve got a mailing list or fan club and need a way to make them feel special these are perfect for you. Contact your account manager and let them know how many codes you need. They’ll email them back within minutes ready for you to send to your most loyal customers.

Need more? No problem. You can have as many as you like. Just let us know how many, and which ticket or tickets each code should unlock. It’s a nice way to thank your customers for their loyalty.