From the early days of the internet, mankind has yearned for the ability to shorten links, save space, and make the much easier to remember.

As well as making life easier for us all, short URLs are great for text messages (where space is at a premium) and they just look really, really good. We've had our own short domain in the past (remember and we've used but we never felt as though we'd reach ticketing domain name perfection.

But recently we had the opportunity to buy (or ticket to as we pronounce it). Naturally we leapt at the chance to secure such a great domain for our clients and customers alike.

Clients - you will shortly have the chance to reserve your own ticket to address (e.g. which can be used to promote your event. It's short, snappy, and does exactly what people expect - they can buy tickets to your event.

Customers - when you get a barcoded ticket or Passbook file to download it will soon come from a link such as We'll do some clever stuff to make sure the ticket or file you download is perfectly formatted for your device.

Ticket to ride? Absolutely, or any of the amazing events we're currently selling for.